About Us


Hydrogenus provides low cost, on-location energy production and storage.

Hydrogenus Energy will tailor our system to your needs at your site.  We will need to know:

  • Your location co-ordinates
  • We use publicly available information to understand how much sun and wind energy your site might provide
  • Your energy demand – peak, average and profile

Hydrogen Solutions

Hydrogen is a clean fuel and when burnt to produce electricity, the only emission is water.

In other words, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen and burning hydrogen, via the Hydrogenus System, re-combines it with oxygen to produce water.

New electrolysis technology is more efficient than the original technologies, and new combustion technologies, if combined with a heat recovery process, can deliver up to 90% energy efficiency.


The Hydrogenus Energy system will use electrolysis of water, which uses an electrical current to split water molecules into Hydrogen, which we will capture, and Oxygen which we will also capture if it is of value at that site.

As the electricity to be used will come from renewable sources, then Green Hydrogen will be produced with zero carbon emissions and stored for local use.

Producing Hydrogen

After electrolytic processes take place in the electrolyser, hydrogen is created from the water molecules. The Hydrogenus Energy System then uses this hydrogen as the fuel to produce electricity.


Reliable + Ready,
Cheaper + Cleaner

Hydrogenus delivers zero carbon Electricity as a Service (EaaS) for edge of grid and off grid businesses and communities.

EaaS means our customers purchase energy under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – there is no requirement to buy equipment or fuel.

Meet your ESG obligations by reducing your carbon emissions associated with electricity generation.

You can mitigate the risk for your business or community caused by unreliable fuel delivery by making your fuel on location, while reducing your energy costs.

Design + Install

Hydrogen Generation + Storage

Renewable + Reliable


The Hydrogenus Team

Our board of directors have worked collectively for many years in the Geoscience, Energy Research and Program Development spaces.

Hydrogenus has created technologies that deliver power using hydrogen as a fuel. This provides better economic, environmental and social outcomes in the energy sector with a focus on the de-carbonisation of mining operations.

Mark Smith
Non-Executive Chairperson

Mark has over 40 years’ experience in management and geoscience in petroleum exploration with BHP and with the successful ASX listed company Karoon Energy.

Mark has had a long-standing interest and involvement in renewable technology development through the precursor company to Hydrogenus Energy, Bennett Clayton.

From 2004 to mid-2021, Mark was a co-founder, Executive Director and Exploration Manager with Karoon growing it in value from $5mill to $1,500mill with gas and oil discoveries in Australia and Brazil.

Marcus Clayton
Chief Technology Officer & Executive Director

Marcus formally trained and served in the RAAF, where he was charged with looking after “everything that did not fly”, which included air traffic control towers, radio, radar and computer networks.

He joined John Bennett to form Bennett Clayton in 1990, building on John’s expertise in engine development, including alcohol fuels, and extending this to LPG for diesel buses and natural gas for back-up generators.  Marcus founded Bennett Clayton Hydrogen Engine Systems (since renamed Hydrogenus Energy) to extend Bennett Clayton’s Intellectual Property to operate engines using hydrogen as their fuel, and then to commercialise this technology.

Pieter Bruinstroop
Company Secretary & Executive Director

Pieter has a degree in economics, an honors degree in commerce and has been a CPA and a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia.
In the mid-1980s, Pieter worked in the Energy Research, Development and Demonstration program of the Commonwealth Government as an economic analyst, publishing reviews on photovoltaics and wind energy.

Pieter has been a fund manager for three companies over 11 years and a research analyst in three broking firms.  He co-founded Beer & Co, a boutique Corporate Advisory firm, in 2013.

Martin Sheahan
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director

Martin is an experienced sales director with more than 30 years in the IT and Telecommunications industry having worked with Nortel, AT&T, British Telecom and SingTel/Optus. Martin is focused on Professional Services, Sales Team Management and Company Strategy.

In 2016, Martin was invited by Marcus Clayton to develop sales and marketing for the Bennett Clayton business, a forerunner to Hydrogenus Energy Ltd. Martin was appointed CEO of Hydrogenus in February 2023.

Frank Musco

Frank is a very experienced and passionate engineering professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (with Honours) and a certificate in Automotive Mechanical Technologies.  With over 20 years’ experience in the engine & automotive industries including the design, development, manufacture, testing and diagnosis of prototype components, Frank runs an engineering business specialising in the preparation of racing cars and their engines. He also has a long-term interest in the use of alternative fuels, including hydrogen.

Shay O’Brien
Manager Finance & Administration

Shay is an experienced executive with a background in accounting, HR, and senior management in small and medium enterprises over many years and across multiple industry sectors. Recently General Manager of a group of businesses in the scientific instrumentation and supplies industries, Shay continues to provide advice and consultancy services to a range of businesses on a regular basis.

"There is a rapidly growing demand for power solutions that can replace fossil fuelled systems.

Technologies have matured and reduced in cost to now enable competitive clean energy delivery..."

Mark Smith
Hydrogenus Energy Company Director & Chair