Zero Carbon Electricity

Sourcing Zero Carbon Electricity

Mid-sized to large electricity users are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  Using solar panels and/or wind turbines can do this at a lower cost than diesel generators, but the electricity must be always available when you need it and batteries are expensive.

The Hydrogenus System will include some battery components to deal with load profile changes as the solar/wind availability varies and the generators ramp up and down.

Hydrogenus – End-to-End Energy Solutions

Hydrogenus Energy will design, install and manage all components of the power station, at the customer's location. This includes Solar PV and Wind, Hydrogen Production and Storage, Generators and Management Systems.

With the Hydrogenus system, users will be able to access reliable, clean power required to meet the load – 24/7.

Hydrogenus delivers this at a lower cost than diesel fuelled systems.

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