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Hydrogen Energy technology has been used for many years, but now global interest in the technology has become widespread.

Hydrogen – An Infinite Energy source

Hydrogen Energy technology has been used for many years.  Hydrogen is bountiful in supply, and while it is resource-intensive to harness, it is essentially an infinite energy source. There’s no possibility of it running out.

There is a rapidly growing demand for power solutions that can replace fossil fuelled systems – in particular, those fuelled by diesel.

Technologies have matured and reduced in cost to now enable competitive clean energy delivery.

The Hydrogenus Energy solution is installed on location with solar/wind, hydrogen production/storage and power generation combined into a fully managed system that delivers reliable clean power at competitive tariffs. The system will include some battery components to deal with load profile changes as the solar/wind availability varies and the generators ramp up and down.

You can meet your ESG obligations in relation to GHG emissions with ease as, in operation, our solution is true Zero Carbon.

You can mitigate the risk for your business or community caused by unreliable fuel delivery by making your fuel on location. You can reduce your energy costs.