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We've made significant progress and have achieved a world first - a low pressure, fast response, low cost and reliable 100% hydrogen fueled genset. The core R&D is finished and our Electricity as a Service solution is largely de-risked. We're ready to go to the next stage - full system performance and reliability testing, followed by a full commercial 250kW pilot with a miner in Queensland. Exciting times ahead!

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We supply zero carbon electricity on demand

We deliver zero carbon Electricity as a Service (EaaS) for edge-of-grid and off-grid businesses and communities.

We produce energy at your site - no fuel is trucked in - saving on transport cost and reducing risk.

We have developed a hydrogen-fuelled generator and are now raising funds to establish a demonstration system at our R&D facility.

Once reliability and performance are proven, we will implement two pilot systems to establish operational and commercial viability.

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Hydrogenus Energy System

Hydrogenus Powers Industry

The Hydrogenus Energy System is a solution tailored to your needs. The main drivers are:

  • The available supply of primary renewable energy (i.e., solar and wind)
  • Your energy demand – peak, average and usage profile
  • Your general location

With this data, we can quickly see if we can supply zero carbon electricity on demand at a lower cost.

01. Electricity supply tailored for your needs

02. Mining, Communities & Businesses in remote areas

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Hydrogenus Energy - Investment Opportunity

Hydrogenus can demonstrate an engine operating in our workshop using Hydrogen as its fuel.

Hydrogenus Energy is seeking funding from qualified investors to develop our first pilot operation.

Contact us for further information.

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The time is right to tap into hydrogen's potential to play a key role in a clean, secure
and affordable energy future.
International Energy Agency
The Australian Government is investing $1.4 billion in building a hydrogen industry. Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy is a plan to grow this industry and position Australia as a major player by 2030. The State of Hydrogen 2021 report provides an update of our progress so far.
Australian Government
Hydrogen produced using renewable energy would help lower Australia’s emissions, drive a booming export industry, and help replace fossil fuels in energy-intensive sectors like steel-making and transport.
Climate Council Australia